Countdown to Australia (1 day to go!)

The day before leaving is always a MAJOR stress day for me. Besides last minute packing, errands and office work there are a couple of things that we try to accomplish before we leave:

  • make sure that we leave behind copies of our passports, visas & itinerary
  • leave duplicates of our house keys and car keys
  • take out the garbage
  • make sure that our refrigerator doesn’t have food that can spoil
  • make sure that all bills are paid
  • notify our building security that we will be gone for a while
  • (before we leave) unplug all appliances except for the refrigerator
  • talk to staff regarding work/payments that are lined up while we’re away
  • last minute preps of ipod, laptop, ebook reader

Before this day becomes a crazy day, I will relish in the excitement of it all! 24 hours to goooo!!!!!! Can’t wait! πŸ™‚ See you Australia! πŸ™‚

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