Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 679 (Shanghai-Manila, July 7,2010)

My husband and I usually take Cebu Pacific when we go to Indonesia and Hong Kong. It’s not the most comfortable plane and the flight schedules are really bad (most international flights leave Manila before midnight and arrive in Manila around 4 in the morning) but their prices are really low and we usually consider budget above everything else. So for our Shanghai trip we tried Cebu Pacific once again. Our flight to Shanghai (Pudong International Airport) was very turbulent but that wasn’t the fault of the airline and despite the turbulence it was a pretty decent flight.

Yesterday we flew back to Manila and I was utterly disappointed. First of all our flight was delayed for an hour. Technically an hour isn’t much but because of the schedule it became exhausting. Our flight was almost full and everyone just wanted to get to Manila right away. We boarded the plane quickly and luckily the flight wasn’t as turbulent as the one going to Shanghai. Secondly, they allowed people to transfer seats which was fine but they allowed a mother and a very young girl to move to seats along the exit rows. Correct me if I’m wrong but I know that children aren’t allowed to sit along these rows because in any case of an emergency they aren’t big and strong enough to handle the emergency procedures. I’m assuming these two weren’t assigned to these seats particularly for that reason. Lastly, there were 2 RUDE women flight attendants. I’ve been flying a lot and I’ve come across FAs who seemed rude at that time but no one will compare to these 2. I don’t think they smiled even once regardless of who was talking to them. I went to the bathroom for a couple of minutes and when I went back my husband told me that he wasn’t given the customs form. The FA assumed that we were together with the Chinese girl beside us. She didn’t even ask my husband. So we turned the “help/assistance” button on and when she came back she said “YEAH?” with her face all bored and annoyed. So we asked for the form and she gave us one. I though wow that was rude (rude FA#1). But that didn’t stop there. When they (rude FA#1 and rude FA#2) were going around asking if anyone wanted snacks they ended up stopping near our seats. Our flight had a lot of Chinese locals from Shanghai and there was one big group of Chinese tourists. A guy from this group went up to them and asked about the food and the price. Rude FA#2 seemed annoyed but answered anyway. Then he turned to his companions and talked to them. I assume not everyone understood english and he was probably telling them the price of what they were selling. After a couple of minutes rude FA#2 got impatient and was like “Sir! Are you buying??? which one???”.  I didn’t hear what the guy said but I guess he still wasn’t done because the next thing I saw was the guy holding one cup noodles and heard rude FA#2 say in a not so nice way was “that’s 250, ay 200”. I understand that it was late and they were tired but I don’t think that was enough reason for them to have acted that way. It was their job to take care of the passengers. It was part of their job to at least smile and to suck it up regardless of how tired they were.

I don’t have any Cebu Pacific flight coming up but hopefully the next time I do, they’ll have the kind and cheerful FAs that they usually have.


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