A Trip Down Memory Lane – Visiting Europe for the 1st Time (part 2 of 2)

europe 2008 itinerary



Prague is love. I was really glad that we went out of our way to go to Prague. European countries have their similarities but Czech Republic stood out. The old town, the Prague castle and the Charles bridge are only a couple of things that make this city special. I don’t think anyone will be able to resist its beauty and charm.

Prague Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic


We only spent one night in Heidelberg. Due to our limited time, we were only able to visit the old town and the Heidelberg castle.

What I remember the most was our train ride from Prague to Germany. We took a night train from Prague and since the trains were a bit old there were no double/twin sharing cabins. Right before our train left, the girls who were staying beside our cabin came up to us and told us that we should open our windows because the last time they were going to Germany someone went inside their cabin, released some form of gas and robbed them (took their passports, money, etc). They said that the gas worked because their windows weren’t open.  They told us to tell the person in charge to open the window because we felt dizzy. Since I was so paranoid about getting robbed, I did ask for our window to be opened but eventually had to give in to closing it since our German cabin mate seemed to be freezing.  So I hardly got any sleep and in addition to that we had to change trains because our train broke down. Talk about the ultimate train experience!

Heidelberg Germany


Someone once told me that Paris was overrated and nothing special (my husband also agreed with that sentiment). So I figured that we should drop by Paris just so at least I could say that I’ve been. But to my surprise I fell completely and utterly in love with Paris. It was romantic, the food was good and the people were not as snotty as I was led to believe.  There was really something magical about the city (and yes my husband would laugh once he reads this). This was one place that I knew I wouldn’t get tired of going back to.

We were with our aunt and uncle and they brought us around. One thing that I enjoyed the most was going to an outlet near Euro Disney/Disneyland Paris then going to the house of our aunt’s cousin. Did you know that the French like to eat slow and that they eat one course all at the same time? Her husband, a French chef, cooked for us and that was seriously one of the best meals I’ve ever had (everything except the wine and cheese were homemade!). It was heaven.

The Louvre Paris

The Louvre Paris

Obelisk of Luxor at Place de la Concorde

Sacre Coeur - Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Paris

A month in Europe is never enough because you’ll never run out of places to see and discover. This trip was truly a memorable one and I know we’ll keep coming back for more.


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