The Story of the Love Padlocks

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

How does one proclaim their love for another? How do you express “I want to be yours forever?” Flowers, chocolates, jewelry? Maybe. But it seems that in the past few years couples have found a new way to profess their love – by hanging padlocks of love.

love padlocks in germany

In one of my recent travels, I came across this peculiar expression of love. I was walking across the Hohenzollernbrucke (Hohenzoller Bridge) in Cologne, Germany and noticedย  that thousands of padlocks were all over the bridge’s barrier which separates the pedestrian sidewalk from the train tracks. Upon closer inspection I saw how names, initials, dates or love notes were written on them.

love padlocks

love padlocks

Apparently this custom in Cologne started in 2008. It was an amazing sight. Padlocks of all colors, shapes and sizes were all over the fence. I was even tempted to put one of my own but I was afraid the German police would see me and send me to jail! ๐Ÿ™‚ This custom was believed to have begun in China. Couples would secure their padlock and throw away its keys to symbolize locking their souls together. These love locks can now be found all over the world – Ukrain, Guam and Russia just to name a few.ย  Their beliefs about the locks may vary per city but one thing is still true- all is done for love. And as a true romantic, it was wonderful and inspiring to be surrounded by that much love – even if it was just through symbols.

padlocks of love

padlocks of love in germany

I was married on 7-7-07. Not exact but close enough! ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “The Story of the Love Padlocks

  1. I love your pictures of the love padlocks. I love all the stories and pictures of them. I am the owner of Lovelocks, Inc. and we are sharing the love here in the USA. Our solid brass double heart shaped love padlocks (lock one thime only there is no key) symbolized eternal love. Lovers, families and friends are locking their love on the “Lovescapes” designed by Lovelocks, Inc. “Lovescape” locations can be found at Two hearts connect together and your love will be forever! Share the LOVE…

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