On The Move Again

So here I am again waiting to go to the train station to discover another, hopefully wonderful place 🙂 Leaving Russia is a bit of a relief due to unfavorable circumstances which I will talk about when I have more time. It’s not very often that I am more than ready to leave a city that I just recently discovered nor is it common for me to feel defeated and slightly cheated.

So here we go again, hopefully we will still be greeted by sunshine and more importantly I’m hoping that more pleasant events will welcome us at our next destination.



4 thoughts on “On The Move Again

    • Haha! Those were our check in luggage 🙂 We always travel light when we go to Europe. Hard to travel with huge bags when traveling by train!

  1. What were those unfavorable circumstances that you mentioned? I would love to travel to Russia someday so I’m really curious. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi! Before going to Russia we were warned about taking extra care of our belongings specifically in Nevsky Prospekt in St.Petersburg. While we on the subway, my husband ended up standing in the middle of 4 big men (apparently on purpose) and his bag was opened and one of our camera lenses was stolen. As soon as the doors opened the others left quickly while one stayed behind to distract my husband – whom my husband almost got into a fight with. While all of that was happening no one really cared – they were all just watching. When we asked our tour guide we found out that this happens quite often. She is a local and something like that happened to her 2x already. But it’s always my belief that it’s better to lose material things (except your passports and wallet of course) than to get into an accident 🙂 Anyway that can happen anywhere else so just take extra care when in tourist spots 🙂

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