The KLM/Lonely Planet Mission

Last month, Digital Photographer Philippines posted on its forum website details about KLM’s “On Assignment: Europe” Competition. People were asked to submit a portfolio of 12 pictures – 1 of which should have been themed “Journeys of Inspiration” and make a pitch why they should be chosen. The grand prize? The top 6 will compete in a shootout locally and the top 2 from that shootout will be sent to Amsterdam to create a piece for Lonely Planet Magazine Philippines. The top 6 will each be getting an Ipad 2 and Phottix Camera Accessories while the top 2 in addition to the trip and getting those items will also be getting Tamrac bags and a brand new Sony Nex-5.

I have thousands of pictures rotting in my hard drive because I hardly enter my photos in competitions. I leave the joining to my husband who is more diligent when it comes to these things. But this time around he advised me to join saying that I had nothing to lose and that everyone had a fighting chance. So after days of thinking about it and going through my stock photos to check if I had 12 pictures that were good enough, I decided to give it a try.

Around 120 people submitted pitches and much to our surprise, my husband and I were both chosen to be part of the top 6. Not a lot of people knew that we were husband and wife because I don’t carry his last name so that must have been a shock for them as well. But we were picked and I couldn’t have been more thankful. I probably had a smile plastered on my face for around 24 hrs straight – until they announced that the final step for the top 6 was a shootout in Intramuros with the theme “10 Reasons To Love The Walled City”.The top 6 was announced early last week and the shootout was held last weekend. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my husband and I had limited time to shoot. I was honestly disappointed with myself but am utterly grateful that I was given a chance to be part of this wonderful experience. My fellow top sixers are brilliant photographers and I couldn’t be happier to have shared this experience with them. I am truly a fan of every single one of them.

Now that the pitches and the shootout are done and the mock layouts are up at the DPP website, I would like to share with you my pitch. May we all have the passion and strength to follow and fulfill our dreams. Happy travels everyone! 🙂

KLM “On Assignment: Europe” Pitch

All my life I have been consumed with the need to travel. I’ve dreamt of roaming the world and seeing places people could only dream of. I’ve dreamt of capturing those places through my knowledge in photography. I do not dream of getting awards for my pictures nor to be known as one of the best. All I want is to explore towns I’ve only seen in photographs and capturing them in the best way possible through my own style.

Never in my life did I ever think that at 30 years old I’d be able to say I’ve been to 33 countries. My goal of visiting 156 countries out of 195 or 80% of the world (I want to visit every country if possible but safety will always come first) is slowly becoming clearer and more attainable only because I dared to dream.

I was born to move. My dreams forced me to move. I’ve traveled on my own. I’ve traveled with my husband. I’ve traveled with my friends. I’ve traveled with an unreasonable amount of photography gear and I’ve traveled with almost none. I’ve taken shots I’m proud of and I’ve taken snapshots. But I move. I’d give up almost everything just to move. No matter what the reason, no matter what the cost, I will move.

Every discovery – every new place, culture & person that I come across rekindle my desire to visit and revisit all the magnificent cities around our world. It doesn’t matter if I’ve previously been to a certain location because I know that no two pictures are alike and no two experiences will ever be the same. And with every trip, every shot and every discovery I know that I will be forever changed.

Welcoming The Night (Lucerne, Switzerland)

A Little Bit Of Spice (Taipei, Taiwan)

Say A Little Prayer (Fatima, Portugal)

Morning Stroll (Taipei, Taiwan)

All You Need Is Love (Koln, Germany)

Beautiful Inside And Out (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Staying Afloat (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Once Upon A Time (Taipei, Taiwan)

The Hustle And Bustle (New York City, USA)

Handmade (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Proud And Loud (Moscow, Russia)


On Top Of The World (Switzerland)

I remember standing in this spot, taking in the majestic sights of the Jungfraujoch and thinking “After all those years of dreaming, waiting and wanting…I made it. I’m finally here”. I am merely a visitor in this planet and God gave this much. Why waste it? Why waste time? This was the moment that I realized that no matter how ridiculous my dreams to travel may be to other people, it is who I am. I know that if I stop, I will never be able to see all this beauty and everything else this earth and this life has to offer. The world is our playground – go and discover.


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