Korean Tourist Visa Application (for Filipino Citizens)

korean tourist visa

Applying for a tourist visa for Korea is fairly easy for Filipinos. The Korean Embassy simplified their procedure for South East Asian countries to promote their country’s tourism. Because of this, Filipinos are issued multiple entry visas that are usually valid for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years.

My experience was pretty good considering the number of people at the Embassy when I was applying and claiming my passport. I arrived before 830 in the morning and was out around an hour later. Same with when my passport was released, it didn’t take more than an hour.


  1. A valid passport (must be valid for at least 6 months)
  2. Photocopy of passport’s first page (information page)
  3. A passport sized photo (colored but background wasn’t specified; I submitted one with a white background and they accepted it)
  4. Application form which you can get from the embassy or download at the embassy’s website http://embassy_philippines.mofat.go.kr/eng/as/embassy_philippines/visiting/visas/index.jsp
  5. Employment Certificate or Business Registration issued by SEC or DTI
  6. Personal Bank Certificate
  7. Individual ITR or Form 2316 Copy (from the previous year)
  8. *for applicants that are still students, you are required to submit your school certificate, birth certificate and the papers of your parents (#5,6,7)

If you have been to any OECD member countries listed in this link (http://www.oecd.org/document/58/0,3343,en_2649_201185_1889402_1_1_1_1,00.html) within the last 5 years, you are only required to submit the following:

  1. A valid passport (must be valid for at least 6 months)
  2. Photocopy of passport’s first page (information page)
  3. A passport sized photo (colored, background wasn’t specified; I submitted one with a white background and they accepted it)
  4. Application form which you can get from the embassy or download at the embassy’s website http://embassy_philippines.mofat.go.kr/eng/as/embassy_philippines/visiting/visas/index.jsp
  5. Employment Certificate or Business Registration issued by SEC or DTI
  6. Photocopies of the visas of these OECD countries
  7. Photocopies of the passport pages with the arrival stamps to these countries


For 59 days or less in Korea – GRATIS/FREE πŸ™‚
For 60 days to 90 days in Korea – Php 1500


1. Submission of applications can only be done between 9 am to 11 am, Mondays to Fridays (first come first served basis)
2. Get a number when you get to the Embassy
3. Those who haven’t been to OECD listed countries will present their documents at Windows 1 or 2 (they will tell you what window to go to when you get your number)
4. Those who have been to any of these countries will present their documents at Window 3

*Releasing time is from 2 pm to 4 pm only

3 working days – for those with other visas
5 working days – those without



Click on the following link for the common reasons for denials and click on the Visa Denials document. http://embassy_philippines.mofat.go.kr/eng/as/embassy_philippines/visiting/visas/index.jsp


Republic of Korea Embassy in the Philippines
122 Upper McKinley Road
McKinley Town Center
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634
Telephone number: (02) 856-9210


71 thoughts on “Korean Tourist Visa Application (for Filipino Citizens)

  1. my husband is working in South Korea, he is a british Citizen and I’m a filipina. We married in Scotland last Oct.31 2011, but I came home here in the Philippines last Nov.6. and he want me to visit him in Korea. what I gonna bring in Korean embassy as tourist visa? or what will be my requirements, need help. thank you…

    • Hi! Well based on the requirements on their website I would assume you would need to bring the regular tourist visa requirements that I mentioned above. I don’t think it will be difficult for you to get a visa as long as they know you will go back. So just provide all the documents that they require. Since you’ve been to Scotland, try checking if the country is part of the OECD list in the link above and if it is they you need to bring even less πŸ™‚ hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  2. hi! im planning to visit south korea in a few months with my students’ family who invited me to.. my worry is that im employed as an online english teacher..although my employer issued me an employment certicate, i couldn’t present an income tax return since the company isn’t registered here in the phils..all my other requirements are complete including a notarized invitation letter from my invitor..is there a chance to get my visa approved? any advice?? thanks in advance!

    • Hi! Have you been to any of the OECD countries that are listed in the website? Like the US, Canada, etc? Because if you have these are the only things that you will need…
      A valid passport (must be valid for at least 6 months)
      Photocopy of passport’s first page (information page)
      A passport sized photo (colored, background wasn’t specified; I submitted one with a white background and they accepted it)
      Application form which you can get from the embassy or download at the embassy’s website http://embassy_philippines.mofat.go.kr/eng/as/embassy_philippines/visiting/visas/index.jsp
      Employment Certificate or Business Registration issued by SEC or DTI
      Photocopies of the visas of these OECD countries
      Photocopies of the passport pages with the arrival stamps to these countries

      If not, I think there is still a possibility that you will be approved as long as, like in most embassies, you show them that you have reason to come back to Manila. Also, I checked their website, they uploaded a new document about visa denials. Maybe this can help you as well… http://embassy_philippines.mofat.go.kr/eng/as/embassy_philippines/visiting/visas/index.jsp and click Visa Denials.

  3. Hi! I’m 22 years old, Filipina. I used to work in an English academy here in the Philippines. Now, my Korean friend (who was my students before) invites me to visit her in Korea for the reason that she wants me to meet her family especially her kids who study in England and going back to Korea this coming summer. I heard that a personal bank account is needed to apply for a tourist visa but I have no enough money in my bank account. She said that she’ll be the one who’ll sponsor everything. What are the things that I should do to make it possible, and to avoid being denied? It’s my first time to apply for a visa and to travel abroad. Thank you!

    • Hi! As mentioned in my reply in a previous comment, the Korean Embassy uploaded a document that talks about Visa Denials (common causes for visa denials). You can check it here http://embassy_philippines.mofat.go.kr/eng/as/embassy_philippines/visiting/visas/index.jsp and click on Visa Denials. When we went to Korea, one of my friends was also a first time visa applicant though she has been abroad prior to this trip. I think it is very important that you submit all the required documents particularly the certificate of employment and bank certificate. Make sure you fill up the form completely as well. I don’t think you need a very big amount for the bank cert but it should be more than enough for your stay in Korea. Maybe one possibility is to borrow money from a parent to just add a bit and just give it back after your trip? Just for show money. I think this document is important for them to see that first of all you are not getting a job in Korea, second you can support yourself (because it’s not that cheap to go around Korea) and third that you do not ask support (monetary) from Korean citizens. I hope this helps πŸ™‚ Good luck! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi I’m 20 years old filipina and i’m planning to visit Korea next month I went to Korean consulate today because I’m asking about the requirements my problem is i don’t work. I’m still student but i stopped this year for a while bec i will go for travel and only who pays my trip is my american fiance . My question is what kind of documents i will show to them so they would allow me to travel..

    • Hi! I think the documents that I listed above are very important. According to their website, students need the following:

      Students who will travel for tourism purpose

      School Certificate (original)
      Photocopy of School I.D.
      Birth Certificate (photocopy)
      Copy of parent’s passport first page,
      Parents Bank Certificate (original)
      Parents Employment Certificate (original)
      Income Tax Return (photocopy)

      Like most embassies, they really need to see your ties in the Philippines and they need to see that you are financially capable of supporting yourself when you visit Korea. I’m thinking maybe you could show the other documents or whatever documents are available and show your old student documents. But I would suggest that you also call the embassy since I am really not familiar with applications for students. At least they might be able to give you better advice that will help your chances in getting a visa πŸ™‚

  5. May i know if it is okay to just send the application form and other requirements thru a courier? And may i ask too if how much is the visa fee? Please help and advice. Thank you so much!

    • Hi! Hmm I’m not really sure if that is allowed. One of my friends was not able to go with us to apply for his visa so we brought his documents with us and I think you are allowed to submit documents of other people. But to be sure maybe you could give them a call to check. But I don’t think they have the same service similar to the the Canadian Embassy (pick up/delivery via courier). The visa is free if you are staying 59 days or less πŸ™‚

  6. Hi, for
    Employment Certificate-(what if none because the company was already closed since Oct. 2011)
    Personal Bank Certificate-(is there a specific amount/ balance shown?)
    Individual ITR or Form 2316 Copy (from the previous year)-(i can still get this from BIR though, right?)

    • Hi! Employment Certificate – maybe you could submit the documents from the old company then submit any other supporting documents that would show what your doing now (part time job, etc). Personal Bank Cert – they did not indicate a specific balance but it should be enough to support your entire stay in Korea. ITR – hmm you don’t have a copy of your ITR? I’m not sure if you can get it from BIR directly but maybe you can ask? I know your employer should have a copy. Maybe you could check the BIR website πŸ™‚ Hope this helps even just a bit πŸ™‚

  7. I’m planning to go to Korea by the end of this March to visit a friend. She used to be a Filipino now she’s now a Korean Citizen. She became a Korean Citizen around October or November last year but she’d been staying in Korea for about 5 yrs now and she’s married to a Korean. She’s the one who will provide me the invitation letter, would she be eligible to provide me the letter? or does it need to be coming from a natural-born Korean Citizen? I’ll be staying there for 8 days only… right now my bank only has Php 45,000.++ do you think It’ll be enough to show money? I do have a stable job at a bpo company in Makati City. Thanks! πŸ˜€

    • Hi! I’m not very familiar with the rules regarding invitation letters from Korea but since she is a citizen there is a big possibility that a letter from her would be sufficient. But maybe you could check the website just to be sure πŸ™‚ Regarding the show money, since it’s a bit expensive in Korea I would suggest adding a bit more just for your application– maybe borrow from parents, etc. Unless it is indicated in the letter that your friend will be sponsoring your stay completely it might not be enough. But then again it’s a plus that you have a stable job πŸ™‚ Good luck!!

  8. hi, I am planning to apply for a tourist visa in korea. I have already the requirements needed. I’m just waiting for the invitation of my Tita who is in Korea at present. after receiving the invitation and If there will be no problem in my documents, is it possible for me to leave after summer? thank you:)

    • Hi! Yes as long as your documents are complete and they approve your application, you’ll be able to get your visa after 3 to 5 days of submitting your application πŸ™‚ Just indicate the date that you plan to visit Korea (which I think is in the application anyway). πŸ™‚ Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  9. hi there! im applying for a korean tourist visa next week and im just curious who would determine my length of stay in korea..i mean, i wrote 15 days in my potential length of stay although i wanted to stay there for three months because i have a sponsor family. im just worried that if i write 15 days, the embassy would grant me only 15 days there. sorry for being ignorant about visa things,ive travelled in some parts of asia before but only those open countries..my korean friend also told me i dont need to worry with the length of stay that i wrote because i can just extend it there..can u pls enlighten me,i’d appreciate it a lot..and can i be granted a multiple visa even if im a first time applicant? thanks in advance

    • Hi! πŸ™‚ When I applied for a tourist visa around October last year I wrote down exactly how many days I was planning to stay in Korea. They gave me a 3 yr visa, multiple entry. My friend who applied for a visa for the first time did the same and got a 1 yr visa, multiple entry. Based on my personal experience when applying for visas always try to be as honest as possible when filling out forms. I think the maximum number of days that a tourist can stay in Korea is 90 days so just make sure that you do not go beyond what they allow. I think that is what your Korean friend meant- that even if you write 15 days you can opt to stay longer but of course assuming you stay only within the allowed maximum length of stay for tourists. For sure if you go beyond that you will get into trouble. Just double check in their website how long tourists are allowed to stay and do not go beyond that πŸ™‚ Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

      • hi just want to ask if i can extend my visa here in korea for one year. my tourist visa is only good for 59 days. is that possible to stay here in korea for that span of time? please help me. cause honestly i rily don’t want to stay here that long. my sister just want me to stay here that long. just wait for ur reply. thanks

      • Hi! Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to your question. Most probably you could ask someone from the embassy over there. I only went as a tourist so I do not know what the rules are about extending stays. I’m sure the embassy will be able to help you. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi! My friends and i are planning to go to Seoul after we graduate in college next year, i know it’s still how many months to go but we’re excited, but we are a bit nervous because some people say that getting a Korean tourist visa is more difficult than getting a US visa. I already saw the requirements needed is it ok if we don’t submit the employment cert. and the ITR thing because we are fresh graduates then right? Also about the bank certificate how much is the bank deposit required to be reflected on the bank certificate? Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Hi! my friends and i wants to go to Korea by April or May of 2013 after our college graduation. I already saw the requirements needed, i’m just a bit worried about the Employment Cert. and the ITR because we’re not employed then. Also how much bank deposit is required to be reflected on the bank certificate needed? It will be after 6 months to re-apply again if we are denied by the embassy right? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi! As long as your requirements are complete and you show that you have a reason to come back to the Philippines I don’t think it will be very difficult to get a visa. Regarding the bank deposit – for Korea they don’t have a guide for the amount needed (unlike some embassies for European countries). It really all depends on how long you are planning to stay there. Right now the exchange rate is around 26 pesos per Won so you need to have enough to be able to support you per day (food, transportation, shopping, emergencies, etc). Regarding the employment cert and ITR, I think that’s a bit tricky. One possible option I can think of is still showing your student ID, documents and explaining that your parents will still be the one to shoulder your trip since you are still fresh graduates (graduation gift/trip). But I would still suggest that you call the embassy and ask them directly about your situation. They’ll be able to explain things better. Don’t worry, they are very easy to talk to and for visas it’s really better to know all the details beforehand specifically from the embassy πŸ™‚ Hope this helps and good luck!

      • Hi! I hope you don’t mind be barging in, I just have some few comments. The exchange rate is not 26 pesos per won. That’s too high. Roughly 36 pesos per 1000 won. And if you’re going to Korea on April/May 2013, you can apply for visa while you are still a student since Korean visa has a validity of 90 days after issuance. You can apply like February-March so that the documents that you would have to present are that of for students. πŸ™‚

      • Hi! Thank you for your previous reply. As you can see I don’t get to reply/post very often. Just came from a holiday and didn’t have time to check this πŸ™‚ Appreciate your correction! I’m not a student and don’t work for the embassy so I don’t really know the actual application for students. Hope this helps the other inquiries of students πŸ™‚

  12. Hi. I’m a teenager (16 years old) with US passport. I know I don’t have to get my visa but then I have a friend who’s going to be with me. She is the same age as I am but she has a Philippine passport. She does need to get her visa but then his dad is currently an agent and what I know is that her dad doesn’t have an employment certificate(our only problem for the requirements). What will we do? All the expenses that we’ll spend for our korean trip will be paid by my dad who’s a US citizen. Thank you. Hope to hear your answer as soon as possible. πŸ™‚

    • Hi! I think that if her dad is an agent that would be okay as long as you submit supporting documents that prove that he is one – example id? papers? or anything that can support or show what he’s handling (is he a freelance agent?). Then maybe your friend could also indicate that your dad will be the one sponsoring her trip. As I mentioned in the other inquiries, the embassies want to see that you have a reason to go back to the Philippines and that you will be able to support your stay in their country πŸ™‚ Anyway, hopefully her dad can provide some kind of written proof of his work πŸ™‚ I think a lot of people do not have employment certificates esp. if you work freelance, a professional or a businessman.

  13. Hi! i just wanna ask about the situation of my friend..She’s American citizen and she want to invite the mom of my friend that she met in the Philippine the last time that she went,is it posible that she can invite her as her friend here and what requirements thats she (mom of filipino friend)needs and what papers that she (American friend)needs to send to the mom?..:) TIA

    • Hi! Is this for a Korean visa? The complete list of requirements can be found in my post but to be sure you can also check the website of the Korean Embassy. I’m not very familiar with the requirements for sponsoring a stay. Is the American citizen staying in Korea or will she also be a tourist? Is she paying for the Filipino citizen’s stay/expenses? Is the American citizen just paying for the trip but she won’t be in Korea? I really think the requirements will depend on the situation/travel plans of both. Once you get the details I would suggest calling the embassy as well. They’re very helpful πŸ™‚

  14. I would like to visit Seoul for 10-15 days max. I been in France last April 2003 (sponsored by my bf). I’m a frequent traveller since 2003 to 2012. I been in S.E.Asia visa issued upon arrival like Thailand,Hongkong,Macau,Singapore,Indonesia and Malaysia. My concern is that i have ITR from the Corporation and its active to the present time. I dont have ITR 2316 that they required cause bf is supporting my travel expenses . How much would I need to have in Bank Certificate to be sure to have a granted visa?

    • Hi! I cannot really guarantee that just by having enough in the bank account your visa will be granted. But it never hurts to have more than enough to show the embassy that you can support yourself during your stay. One of the previous comments mentioned that the current exchange rate is 36 php to 1000 won. Try to have enough money for lodging, 3 meals a day, transportation, tours/shopping and emergencies. All these depend on the type of travel you’re doing (budget, high end, etc). These expenses should be a good gauge on how much you need in your account for your application. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

      • Hi ma’am.. Ask ko Lang PO.. May invitation letter PO ako from a friend in Korea… Complete natin PO requirements ko, ITR, COE, bank cert.. Dun PO ba sa application form, guarantor ko yung friend ko na Korean? Kahit na ako mgpprovide ng ticket? Sakanya Lang PO ako magsstay once na Andun ko?..

  15. I’ve been to Korea last Dec 2006. I was given a 90 days tourist visa pass. But I stayed there for more than 90 days. I went back to Philippines last Sept.2007, It’s almost five years now. My question is, can I re apply a business visa now? I have stabilized my business and finishing my M.A. need to gather data in my thesis.

  16. Hi, my husband is still working in korea he’s working there for almost 6yrs ,but his visa will expire oct 2012 ,he’s planning to apply tourist visa after the end of his contract , what requirements that he needs.thank you hope to hear your answer as soon as possible

  17. Dear Bent

    I write this letter on behalf of my girlfriend Lizz Shalanie a
    Philippine national in relation to obtaining a tourist visa to travel
    to Republic of Korea. I am a British national and I have acquired my
    E2 teaching visa to work in Korea as an
    English teacher.

    I seek advice on how my girlfriend can acquire a tourist visa in order
    so that she can stay with me for 2-3 months in Korea. I can provide
    accommodation and support her with the financial implications.
    Moreover how can we proceed with this request for the visa and how
    long will it take. We are also seeking advice on how we can gain more
    information in relation to the tourist visa for a Philippine national.

    I understand that you are busy but would appreciate a response in
    relation to our problems.

    She has traveled to Holland and Germany within the last 5 years. we cant finf the application from on the Embassy website.

    Yours Faithfully


  18. hello.. im here in hongkong right now working as a nanny, my friends and i planning to visit korea this october, is it possibly to apply for a korean visa here in hongkong? and what documents do we need? please help..

  19. Hi I’m jeff 19yrs old I want to visit korea by september I’m still a student but my parents don’t have a work my eldest sister is my guardian she has a work here in phil can I use her documents instead my parents doc? Thank u

  20. Hello!

    Greetings to you!

    I am planning to visit Korea next year and I already booked my hotel for 5 nights. I am currently working and living at Dubai, planning to fly directly from here to Seoul. I will be seeing filipino friends around who will also coming from diffrerent countries. What are the chances of getting a Visa? Will it be difficult?


  21. Hello Ma’am!

    I am a law graduate and soon after the bar exams I’m going for a 5-day vacation or probably a week vacation in South Korea. I don’t have the employment certificate, personal bank account or the ITR. My parents would actually sponsor my stay there. Would it be possible to pass my parents’ documents instead?

    Thank you!

  22. Hi there..your page really help me on how to apply visa going to Korea..got all of those requirements but I don’t have any friends in Korea to invite me or give invitation letter..is it really a big deal to have invitation letter from a friend or family in Korea? I can see my self on you “adventurous and really love to travel too πŸ™‚ been to Malaysia ,Singapore ,Kuwait ,hong kong and now in Macau so I’m planning to go in Korea this December ..more power and Godbless you..hoping for your response πŸ™‚

  23. hi…im planning to apply a tourist visa this coming january… i have all the requirements needed and i have traveled japan last summer…is there a big possibility that my visa will be granted?thanks a lot…..

  24. Hi! I want to ask if they will issue me a tourist visa even though my ITR wouldn’t be release this year because I’ve start my work in Dep. Ed. last November 2011. Maybe the BIR will issue my ITR by next year. All my requirements are complete except for that ITR. And to assure if they won’t denied me. Thanks! I hope you will answer my question. God Bless…

  25. Wow, this is exactly the kind of blog I’ve been looking for. I think you’ve been helpful to others. I have some questions myself too. Well I’m an Online English teacher and I applied for tourist visa 2 yrs ago and was denied, probably because it stated on my COE that I was an English teacher. As from what I heard, they are very strict about that. Anyway, I’m planning to try my luck again. A friend of mine owns a company and she is willing to issue me a COE which would say that I work for them for two years as a Marketing Assistant. I happen to know a fixer as well who can aid me when it comes to ITR. Bank certificate wont’ be a problem. I can borrow some money then deposit it to my account, right? Fortunately, I’ve got some kind students who can represent as my sponsor or give me invitation letter. One of my students, to whom I am closest with, is really willing to be my sponsor. He is married, working for the government and I am planning to stay with him for, well say 55 days. But I’m afraid that I might be denied again. What should I do? What’s the best way? What about this? I have another student, he is 35 yrs old and single. What if I tell the embassy that we are in a relationship and planning to visit him? This student is also willing to sponsor me. I really want to go to Korea as a tourist. Thank you so much and your opinion really matters. ^______^

  26. Hi! I just submitted my application last thursday and currently awaiting judgement! It’ll be my first time out of the country in case I get approved and am just worried because in some forums, they say that it’s harder for us to get approved. Is that true? I have a stable job and about 50k in my bank account. How big are my chances of getting approved?

  27. hi Im planning to have a vacation in korea for at least 5-7 days. i am an ex OFW ( taiwan ) I have certificate of employment from 2005 to november 2011. May I know if is ok if I dont have ITR?

  28. my visa got denied and I was hoping to re-apply again after a month. According to the paper attached, I can do it earlier than 6 months if I have a different purpose of entry. My original purpose was to simply sightsee. If I secure an invitation from an academy in Korea stating that I am invited to an event, would that qualify as a different purpose of entry?

  29. Hi! i have a question.. I’m a Filipino citizen.. & i just came back from South Korea with a tourist visa & I stayed there for 52 days… i want to ask can i re apply again or can i apply for a tourist visa again next month?? I’m planning to go back Seoul this winter.. can i apply for a tourist visa again with the same person who invited me before??? & how many times can a filipino citizen apply a tourist visa to korea in a year?? Thank you so much for your help.. i hope to hear from you soon… Thank’s πŸ™‚

  30. hi,i want to go in korea with my co-business partner and im the owner of my business i want to know if i will apply for tourist how many days is the processing of paper.what is the best way of purpose of entry.

  31. Ms. Elawela,

    Hi. My name is ySa.I am 23 years old.I am a freelance online teacher of different races of student especially,koreans.I’ve read all the requirement written in your site. Since, it is my first time to go other country i still have some questions.
    My student in korea asking me to go in their country so that, I can teach him personally(man to man) and added with that, he has a lot of friends who wants to study english as soon I get there. And my student will covered my house and food expenses. Would that be fine..or I am going to be deported if that will happen?Because, I am not yet sure if korean embassy allow that situation. Also, do I need to pass my certificate of employment in my previous job last september as a offline english teacher..
    and what reason will I quote in my application as a tourist in korea.or what.?
    and isn’t tourist visa last 90days?, is that applicable if i am a filipini?
    hope you can help me out:)
    Thank you!

    Ms. Ysa

  32. hi good day..!! i have some question regarding tourist visa..
    i am working here in riyadh almost 3 yrs..
    i want to spend my vacation to korea this coming january.
    but the req’s needed like ITR?
    since im working here in saudi we don’t have that one.
    it’s is possible that we grant may application.? even i am lacking one of important documents?
    i appreciate your reply tnx

  33. I am currently residing in cebu, is there korean embassy in cebu, if yes can you advise us the location. Two of my friends and I where planning to have a vacation on june 2013 in south korea for 5 days. What kind of visa should we get? Thank you

  34. Hi. My friend and I are planning to go to Seoul by November next year. I want to go with my friend via Manila – Korea. That means I need to apply the tourist visa in the Philippines. But I’m working here in Singapore, how can I apply for a tourist visa since I don’t have the ITR and my employment is here abroad?? Please help. Much appreciated for a reply. Thank you.

  35. hi! my family and i are planning to go to incheon in april, but i’m going back to riyadh this december so i won’t be able to apply for a visa now. i’m planning to apply for a visa when i go back to the philippines on the 3rd week of march. do you have an idea on when they will be releasing the visa after you’ve applied? thanks.

  36. Hi, me and my American fiancΓ© plan to visit Korea next month but I don’t have work this time I am doing online business and I had Sweden visa but already expired and I also Indian visa do u think is this ok? I can also give bank statement. Pls advice me.

  37. i would like to ask about the length of stay…im planning to visit korea this may during summer vacation im a bit confused with regards to the multiply entry visa…because my plan is to go there may and go back there december im already preparing some of the documents needed but the ITR typically they release it march before the end of the school year…its my first time applying for a visa but i have been to hongkong and macau but those are just open countries…im a public school teacher by the way..^^ so to sum up my questions a)can u explain more about the multiple entry visa?please…and im from cebu so is it ok if i ask an agency to pass my papers?

  38. Hi! Im 28 years old,single.my mother and I are planning to go to Seoul for 4day tour. im currently unemployed but im earning from online selling, thats why i dont have an ITR or business permit. But my mother does. We have a joint bank account and has an amount which i think is enough for show money for both of us. My mother has business permit, dti, and itr. Will the embassy still require my ITR and business permit even if i declare that my mother will be the one financing our trip?

  39. hi.. me w/ my sis and cous wants to have a vacation in korea fo 8 days..i just want to ask if will they grant us a visa even we only have 30 k each of us budget from our savings cuz we really want to have a vacation there and we dont have job and stop in school? we are just 20yrs old..thank you po

  40. …hi there…this page is really helpful for me…i have been teaching koreans for more than 6 years now…next year july, i plan to visit south korea for 14 days…i have all the documents…just wana ask if invitation letter is necessary?…i have alot of students but i dont want to ask them to invite me…i just wanted to really travel…3 years ago i tried to get a visa…but i failed…so im a liitle bit scared for trying again…any advice…what should i do?…thanks

  41. Hi1 I’ve been in korea in the year of 2010 i only stay for two months..now my sister and korean brother in law wants me to visit in korea again..what reqirements i need to submit? is it the same with the requiremnts of my first visit in korea? i only had visiting visa that time..

  42. Hi! I been in Hong Kong in Vietnam my bf working in Vietnam too. No were planning to go in South Korea to spend time there for holidays. I am afraid if im going to apply for a visa there, the embassy will deny my visa im worry because as of now i don’t have a job so embassy might think that i will not go back here in Philippines. Give me advice what to do.

    • Hi! At the top of my head I think you might have to give another proof that you can get from your company – proof that you are still working there and earning money. I always suggest checking with the embassy kasi minsan nagcchange din sila ng rules. Good luck with your application! πŸ™‚

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