A Giant Leap Of Faith

a giant leap of faith

Another place. Another time. Another life. Sometimes life gives you twists and turns that you dream of but never really expect.

As I looked at out my window 24 hrs ago I was still home. I felt the nervousness, sadness and excitement all at the same time. Now thousands of miles away, as I sit alone in this room I realize more than ever how big this decision really is. I know that for the next few months I will experience probably the biggest change my life will ever encounter. Even with family, change is always a scary thing. Going out of my comfort zone is a scary thing. So here I go, I am crossing my fingers, closing my eyes, and jumping – hoping that the leap will bring me to greater heights.

4 thoughts on “A Giant Leap Of Faith

  1. Goodluck Ela! You will always have the Philippines to come back to. We will be praying for you and your family’s new leap. God is good. He will guide you and make you feel you are not alone. Keep safe and God Bless your family!

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