My Top 8 Travel Memories Of 2011: #3 Krabi, Thailand


I am grateful for the gift of travel. But I am more thankful that I get to travel with my family. We have been questioned about the decision to spend our money to travel the world as though it is a crime to love and appreciate what other cities have to offer. I can only say that I have no other excuse except that deep down in my heart I know that no amount of money can ever replace the priceless experiences I’ve encountered and we’ve encountered together. And if I could, I would spend almost all my money just to travel with my husband and son. I definitely look forward to discovering more places that will inspire me to love the world even more.

This is why our last family trip for 2011 to Krabi was more than memorable. We stayed at a pretty fabulous hotel and I got to spend a lot of quality time with my husband and son. We ate Thai food every chance that we got. We went to Hong Island and my son played at the shore for hours.

krabi thailand hong island

krabi thailand

As mentioned in a previous post, we also went to the Phi Phi Islands. We went around Krabi town/Ao Nang and got drenched with a sudden downpour. We were soaked and had to take shelter in front of a jewelry store in Ao Nang. We were amazed at the kind staff from the store who went outside and gave us a roll of tissue paper. We had to change our son’s clothes and wrap him in a raincoat while he was sound asleep. We got to ride a luxury speedboat, a regular speedboat and an open truck.

krabi thailand

We were able to snorkel and my son was able to see “100” fish from the boat. We saw elephants and my son discovered an array of insects much to my dismay. Add up all these experiences plus the beautiful town of Krabi and I got one of the best family trips I could ever ask for.

krabi thailand

krabi thailand

My Top 8 Travel Memories Of 2011: #5 Maya Bay, Thailand

The Beach. Leonardo Dicaprio. That is what Maya Bay was all about. It is part of the Phi Phi Islands of Thailand. Yes I know going here was very “touristy”. It was the ultimate definition of being touristy. But it was still beautiful despite the number of people (you could literally step on someone while walking along the shore).

We booked a tour through Sanan, the cab driver that brought us to the hotel from the airport. The tour group was called Ao-Nang Photo Travel. If I remember correctly we were charged 1,200 Baht for each adult (our son was free). The speedboat was big and clean. We we around 20 in the group – a mix of kids and adults. The rate was inclusive of lunch, snacks and transfers to and from the hotel. Our guide was kind and enthusiastic so we were quite happy with them.

I’m probably just die hard Leo fan but it was fun being able to see where the movie was shot and to actually see that it was as magnificent as it was in the film (despite the controversy of how the landscaping for its filming damaged the island’s ecosystem) . The sand was fine and powdery. The water was clean and clear. It’s as simple as that. I wish that I could go there with less people so I could enjoy it more. The sad thing was because it was commercialized we realized a little too late that it was not as safe as the other isolated islands. My husband lost his sunglasses when he left it on top of our towel and while I was sitting right beside it. Nevertheless, I really hope that I could visit this place again and other spectacular islands of Thailand.

maya bay thailand