Countdown to Australia (4 days to go!)

On May 18, my husband and I along with our 21 month old son and my sisters-in-law will be going to Australia for a 16 day trip. Melbourne will be our first stop then Gold Coast and Sydney. Even though I’ve been to Australia 2x in the past (so unfortunately this will not add to my 30 before 30 list), this trip will include many firsts for me. I am a bit anxious so I am crossing my fingers that things will run smoothly.

My firsts:

1. I needed to buy toys (play-doh, flashcards and some doodle thing), books, coloring books, a portable tv and headset for my son to keep him occupied in the plane.

2. This is my first “budget” long haul flight via Air Asia (clark-kl-melbourne and vice versa) with an overnight stay at Kuala Lumpur each way. It’ll take 4 hours to get to Malaysia and 8 hours to Australia but with the rate of 9,100 pesos per person roundtrip (from clark), I don’t think I should complain.

3. This is our first long international trip with our son (our first international trip with him was only for a weekend in Hong Kong)!

4. This is also my first long trip with my sisters in law without my in laws or the rest of the family.

5.  Never realized before how hard it is to plan for a trip for more than 2 people (we don’t use travel agencies).

6. First time I’ll have to pay extra for luggage. The minimum weight allowance is 15kg which you have to pay for as well but we have to upgrade ours since infants do not have their own luggage allowance.

7. I personally had to lodge all our visa applications (5 people!!!).

And I’m sure once our trip starts, I will be faced with more firsts…but hopefully happier and enjoyable firsts 🙂