Typhoon Haiyan’s destruction: lost lives and shattered dreams. How can we help?

It has been a few days since Typhoon Haiyan (Philippine name: Yolanda) barreled through the Philippines, specifically the Visayas Region. Like Filipinos everywhere, I am heartbroken over what happened to these people. You all know what happened and so many things had been said the past few days on the web/news/social media – both necessary and unnecessary – so I will no longer elaborate on what happened and how I feel (because I honestly don’t know how to put it into words). But the bottom line is there is only one thing to do: help in whatever way you can. Even the smallest donation will go a long way.

The Philippine Red Cross is accepting donations. You can go to their website and choose the Super Typhoon Yolanda (HAIYAN) campaign.

Some people I know have formed a group collecting relief goods that will be sent to the Philippines with the help of LBC. For any donations such as canned goods (those that do not need can openers), dry food, bed sheets, towels, medicines, boxes (to be used to post these donations), etc. here in Sydney, you can look for the Sydneysiders Relief for Yolanda Victims event on facebook.

For those residing here in Australia, these are some agencies/groups that you can contact if you want to donate money:

1. The Australian Red Cross – visit their website or call 1800 811 700

2. Caritas Australia – visit their website or call 1800 024 413

3. ChildFund Australia – visit their website

4. ADRA (the Adventist Development and Relief Agency) – visit their website or call 1800 242 372

5. Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia – visit their website or call 1300 13 60 61

6. CARE Australia – visit their website or call 1800 020 046

7. Australia for UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) – visit their website

8. UNICEF – visit their website

9. World Vision – visit their website

10. Oxfam – visit their website

11. Plan Australia – visit their website

Here are some websites that you can also go to for more comprehensive lists of organisations from around that world that you can support: CNN, The Guardian

If you’re looking for friends or family who were in the Visays Region or have any information about someone, you can use Google Person Finder.

Sending my prayers to everyone in the Philippines and to those who have family and friends affected by this horrific disaster.