Countdown to Australia (3 days to go!)

As much as possible, I try to pack light. If I need anything, I could always just buy that thing when I get to my destination. Since I also pack for my husband and son, I bought an Ipod touch application that I use to make things easier (‘I love travel packing” application; I have been using this for more than a year)!  And even though I can pack our stuff with my eyes closed due to our frequent travels, the oc girl in me wants to use this just to be sure. Some people don’t like unpacking but I enjoy that more than packing for a trip.

I usually just pack around a day or 2 before a trip but since this is a long trip with my son, I had to start packing his stuff early this week – he has a completely different list. I will probably start packing mine and my husband’s tonight.

My packing list (autum/winter):

  • tickets
  • passport
  • hotel reservation voucher
  • house keys
  • credit cards
  • cash
  • prayer book
  • rosary
  • wallet
  • jeans/leggings
  • skirt
  • pangbahay/house clothes?
  • shirts (tank tops, sleeveless, polos, etc…shirts that can be used for layering)
  • undergarments
  • sweaters (1 or 2)
  • jacket (2 for this trip – 1 all around jacket, 1 thick jacket)
  • scarf
  • thermals
  • socks
  • belt
  • jewelry
  • eyeglasses
  • sunglasses
  • black flats for me
  • rubber shoes for my husband
  • toiletries (shampoo, soap, facial wash, off lotion, nail clippers, razor, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue, moisturizer)
  • kikay stuff (I hardly have any so this just includes – my carmex lip balm, lip gloss, primer, blush, mascara)
  • medicines (a bit ocd when it comes to medicines -advil, amoxicillin, band aids, betadine, eyemo – 2 kinds, biogesic, bonamin, chloromycetin, claritin, vit c, vitamins, fibrosine, hydration salts, solmux, glucolyte, diatabs, kremil-s, buscopan)
  • gadgets (this unfortunately doesn’t fall under the “packing light” category! cellphones & chargers, cameras & chargers & card reader & memory cards & batteries & lenses (2-3 dslrs & 1 point and shoot), ipod touch & charger, laptop & charger, ebook reader & charger, gps & charger, psp & chargers, *new* portable tv & charger, tripod, filters, headphones (3 – mine, husband’s and son’s), travel adaptor)