My Top 8 Travel Memories Of 2011: #2 Moscow, Russia


I started this blog mainly because I wanted to write about my quest to visit 30 countries before I turned 30 last April. Unfortunately I was not able to do that until 1 month and 16 days after my birthday. And my 30th country was Russia.

Prior to the trip, I’ve heard so many things about this country. I never really knew what to expect. We booked a private tour and was met immediately by our guide Natasha. My first impression as soon as I got out of the airport was ‘I’ve never seen this much pollen in my life’. Coming from the Philippines and even though I’ve travel quite frequently, I’ve never experienced high pollen season. At most I remember being a kid and trying to catch one of these because they said that you could wish on it if you did. It was thrilling then. Pollen season in Moscow wasn’t.

After the initial shock over all the pollen, I was able to breathe normally without the fear of choking on pollen and I was able to enjoy the beautiful city. During our short stay in Moscow, we were able to visit the historical Red Square. This is the city’s main square where famous structures such as St.Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum can be found.

Moscow Russia St Basils

Moscow also has beautiful subways. I am not talking about clean, nicely structured subways but a few of the Moscow Metro stations are some of the most extravagant and probably magnificently designed stations in the world.

Moscow Russia Subways

Despite having a hard time communicating with people it was fun seeing signs in Cyrillic script. It was also fun trying to learn how to speak Russian even though the only word I remember is vadah (water). All in all, I was pretty happy that this was my 30th. I’m now looking forward to the next 30 🙂

Moscow Russia

On The Move Again

So here I am again waiting to go to the train station to discover another, hopefully wonderful place 🙂 Leaving Russia is a bit of a relief due to unfavorable circumstances which I will talk about when I have more time. It’s not very often that I am more than ready to leave a city that I just recently discovered nor is it common for me to feel defeated and slightly cheated.

So here we go again, hopefully we will still be greeted by sunshine and more importantly I’m hoping that more pleasant events will welcome us at our next destination.