Captured In Time: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A Traveler’s Photo Project


dubai united arab emirates

Scorching heat + sand + urban life = Dubai. This shot was taken from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Visiting Dubai really felt like being trapped inside a sand globe –  where the heat was constricting and I just didn’t know when sand-filled “breezes” would come. Going back to the hotel and going around their DAZZLING (beautiful!!!) and expensive malls saved us. It was just a tad too hot for me and to think that we were there during the “cooler” months (October). But Dubai was pretty remarkable – it’s unbelievable what they were able to do with their city.

Countdown to 30…

I have exactly 5 months and 28 days to complete my 30 countries before 30 target- 3 countries left to be exact. In theory, this should be an easy task but I don’t think I’ll be able to explore a new country until early next year with my schedule in the next 3 months. But I’m ecstatic that I’m actually getting there because I never thought that it was possible (and crossing my fingers that I complete my list).  Luckily, my husband had to go to Germany, took me with him and made me plan the itinerary so that I could add new places to my list (he’d been to 2 out of the 5 in the list below).  This was definitely one of our best trips ever 🙂

New countries I visited in the last 3 weeks:

1. Switzerland   

2. Luxembourg    

3. Belgium   

4. Liechtenstein   

5. United Arab Emirates