Travel Calendar


Manila, Philippines

Gold Coast, Australia

South Island, New Zealand

Port Stephens, Australia

Tasmania, Australia


February 10-12: Baguio, Philippines

February 26: Sydney, Australia (New Home)

Other trips in 2012: Manila, Singapore, New Zealand


February 7-15: Bali & Jakarta, Indonesia

March 9-12: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

May 7-10: Hong Kong, China

May 10-12: Singapore

May 13-15: Marinduque, Philippines

May 18-June 6: Europe

July 30-August 2: Hong Kong, China

October 28-October 31: Busan & Seoul, South Korea

November 21-November 26: Krabi & Bangkok, Thailand


January 22-26: Jakarta, Indonesia

February 4-10: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Siem Reap, Cambodia

March 17-23: Taipei, Taiwan

May 1-4: Cebu, Philippines

May 18-June 3: Australia

June 25-28: Palawan, Philippines

July 2-7: Shanghai, China

September 16-October 1: Europe

October 1-October 5: Dubai, UAE

December 2-6: Hong Kong, China

December 18-20: Cebu, Philippines

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