18th PTAA Travel and Tour Expo 2011

SMX Convention Center
till tomorrow only, Feb. 20, 2011
Open till 9 pm tonight and till 7 pm tom

Entrance Fee: Php 50

18th PTTA Travel Expo 2011

As a travel junkie, this is one event I try not to pass up.  But despite going on the first day for the past few years, I always end up disappointed because I would go home empty handed. Yesterday I went with my husband around lunch time and to my surprise there were so many people! My husband had to look for tickets to Hong Kong because we have a trip this coming May with another group of friends. He ended up buying Hong Kong Express tickets since their flight schedules were pretty awesome. We booked via Sparkle Travel (since booking directly with Hong Kong Express wasn’t possible). Pricewise it wasn’t as cheap as I hoped but good enough since we get 3 nights and 4 full days (and it wasn’t that easy to look for tickets for 8 people). But sadly, that’s all we got.

18th PTTA Travel Expo 2011

Travel Expo Pros:

1. A lot of tours to choose from
2. A lot of reliable travel agencies to choose from (Las Palmas and Skynet seem to be popular choices)
3. The different airlines are there (Pal, Singapore, Thai, Cathay, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Continental, Qatar, Emirates, etc)
4. There are a lot of promos for domestic travel as well (hotels and airlines)

Travel Expo Cons:

1. There are a lot of people – similar to Greenhills during the Christmas season
2. Philippine Airlines – I don’t know why they don’t give out brochures of their deals. They never show people the prices. If you want to know their promos, you must fall in line (the usual long lines for PAL) just to inquire. They should just have a big board with all the rates.
3. Long queues for travel agencies as well
4. Hundreds/Thousands of people = no parking

My two cents? I think it’s still worth visiting. Finding a travel deal is always a great thing 🙂